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Abla Boutaba has been a patient of Health Wise Women for several years. During one of her early ultrasounds at Health Wise Women we discovered that she was pregnant with five babies!On January 6th, 2019 the Quintuplets were born with Dr. Esiely and Dr. Ivan as the assistant surgeon.They just turned one year old and are all happy and healthy babies.

Greetings! Glad to see many have accepted the invite to spend a Sunday afternoon with the Jersey Quintuplets. The office manager was at Buy Buy Baby selecting attire for all five. According to an associate there it has been a long time since she heard of Quintuplets. Now that they have turned one we are looking to the future. On this special occasion, Dr. Esiely cooked his all famous turkey. During Thanksgiving each year, he whips up this special dish for Jersey City Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, St. Michaels Medical Center, Health Wise Women, and two more for our 50-person annual Thanksgiving family and friends gathering. You can also see our Quintuplets at play below. Attending the event were the wonderful, thoughtful nurses from NICU, and the Jersey City Freeholder whom provided the Quintuplets and the doctor with a certificate of honor, acknowledging their work together. It's been an amazing journey altogether.


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